HOME CCTV and ANPR (with optional Face Recognition)

This is for the capable home DIY enthusiast. Use this product as a CCTV surveillance and recording system and use ANPR (and optional face recognition) to control your home/home office gates.


  • Motion detection for use as CCTV with alarm, sms and recording
  • Use as many cameras as your computer and network can cope with
  • Detect known plates can trigger open of gate, boom and send sms etc
  • Manage list of known number plates and list of hot plates
  • Hotlist - for alarm when hot plate is detected
  • Detect hot plate triggers alarm, send email and/or sms
  • Use any mix of USB webcams and IP cameras
  • Database stores events and images
  • Search by plate, date and time, camera etc
  • Browse and sort by date, camera etc


  • Windows based notebook or PC
  • IP cameras and network infrastructure
  • Automated Gate system with I/O for 3rd party
  • IP type device for I/O (or some cameras must have I/O)

Please contact us regarding this product if you are interested. We will discuss this with you and assist you with the preparation.    

Note: We strive to assist all our customer and are very keen to help with automation and security. However, we cannot support you on this product if you are a beginner without any basic computer and networking skills.
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