POINT A consists of a barrier and a camera. The barrier can be an automated boom as shown in the diagram. It could just as easily be a sliding gate at an office complex or residence. The camera is mounted such that it can clearly scan the number plates of approaching vehicles. The camera is connected to the computer at point C and can be also be wired to the boom/barrier electronics.

POINT B is one or more overview cameras overlooking the general access area. These are optional but they are highly recommeded. The footage from these cameras can be used when reviewing ANPR events and also general purpose surveillance.

POINT C is the computer on the same network as the cameras and contains the ANPR engine and database. This computer could also be connected to the internet via 3G or ADSL for sending SMS and emails. We also support our ANPR remotly via the internet using our own software (similar to teamview) that we include with all our products.

Using IP Cameras is easiest because the cabling is standard CAT5 Ethernet that requires only the tools and equipment that computer technicians already have. Wi-Fi can also be used.

IP Cameras also have I/O capabilities that can easily be wired to the barrier electronics.

Analog cameras can be used by connecting them to a converter or encoder device.
THE ANPR SEQUENCE - A vehicle approaches the access point. It comes into the field of view of the camera at point A. The Imagery and video from the camera is continuously fed to the computer at point C. The number plate is extracted from the imagery by the ANPR Engine. The integrated database application searches for the plate in its lists. If it finds the plate in a list of known plates it sends a command to the camera at point A to raise the boom. The camera is wired to the boom control box. If the plate is unknown then the boom is not raised and the security personnel must attend to the vehicle.

All ANPR events are recorded and footage from the one or more cameras in point B can be associated with each event.
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