ANPR - Repossession special R9490

The most cost-effective repossession ANPR solution ever.

We have many happy agents and investigators using our system.


  • Simple to install and use
  • Import hotlist from spreadsheets or manage manually
  • Popup and audio alarm on detection of hot plate
  • Also email and or SMS on detection of hot plate (3G)
  • Database of ANPR events and images of detected plates
  • Ready for GPS co-ordinates if module is used - click images for auto connect to google maps
  • Use small undetectable USB cameras so that it is not obvious
  • Drive at regular speeds - no need to crawl along making it obvious
  • Use notebook computer and cigarette lighter charger - no complicated hardware in the boot
  • Does not require a dedicated vehicle - you can also use your vehicle for other purposes
  • Quickly remove from vehicle after usage
  • Use with dedicated vehicle if you want to use printers and special cameras; no problem
  • Ready for use with IP and USB cameras or any mix of those
  • Can be further customised if required

Price R9490 once-off for license
Annually R500 for support
Chrome Software - the ANPR company
accurate efficient cost-effective
Chrome Software the ANPR company. South Africa.
South Africa and Southern Africa
South Africa and Southern Africa
Standard package is capable of connecting up to 4 cameras. The cameras can be USB or IP or both. You can load a list of wanted plates from a spreadsheet or capture the list manually. When a plate in the list is detected an onscreen alarm with sound pops up to alert the driver. If connected with 3G (optional) then email and or SMS can be sent. Images are stored in a database. Images can be browsed / sorted / searched / printed by date and time, time range and number plate. You can optionally use a USB GPS module so that images will be tagged with map coordinates for later reference i.e. when connected to the internet, you can double-click an image and it will open google maps at the location.
Getting Started - Hardware required:
i7 notebook
Win XP, Win7, Win8
2 Logitech C270 cameras (or better)
12V cigarette adaptor for notebook
We load and configure the software remotely via internet and teach you how to operate it; takes 30 min. You import and load your hotlist. Place cameras in the left and right rear windows of your vehicle by rolling the windows up and trapping the cameras. Start the software and begin driving in shopping centres and carparks.